Los Angeles In-Home Relationship Intensives

The hassle of scheduling weekly appointments and spending months trying to resolve relationship issues with the added demands of a family or work are often a contributing factor to why many urban couples wait too long to get some help.

Relationship intensives are designed for couples whose relationships are characterized by ongoing, seemingly irresolvable conflict, or where alienation and distancing has become unbearable. Relationships in these types of crisis require an in-depth and concentrated effort to prevent total breakdown. The extra time allows us to fully work through contributing factors that are often “shelved till the next time,” leaving many couples who attend weekly counseling feeling at odds with the stirred up emotions and thoughts they are asked to put on hold until the next session.

In-home relationship counseling is also useful when couples are dealing with a specific issue, facing a difficult decision, or have reached an impasse and just feel stuck. Sometimes one concentrated session is all that it takes for a couple to resolve their issue and leave with valuable tools and processing skills for next time.

Home is usually a safe haven for your most confidential information. The intensive approach provides an atmosphere of privacy and safety so you can relax and focus solely on your relationship. For me, it is an invaluable window into the authentic workings of your relationship.

Mobile relationship intensives are a minimum of two hours, not including travel time.

Please contact me by email at nina@ninawatt.com or call 424-343-9085 for more information.