My Approach

Counseling is just one of many ways in which to engage yourself in the process of personal and relational growth. Our ability to navigate life with any success is largely based on our ability to work with ourselves.

From a cerebral perspective, it could be said that personality is made up of a series of defenses against unsafe childhood conditions. We develop a defended self that becomes our character and the basis on which we interact with others. But these environmental conditions of our life can also stunt us as we are using obsolete childhood strategies in our adult life. Not unlike the proverbial moth to the flame, strategies that once served us are now unnecessary, or even destructive.

In the here and now of therapy, by becoming curious about your internal world and exploring the ways in which you operate and interact with others you can begin to take responsibility for your decisions, perceptions, perspectives, behavior, your mood, and your reactions to people and situations, changing the things that no longer serve you, or recommitting to the things you desire in your life.

I’m certainly not an expert in the truth, or the way you should behave, or how you want to live your life. I won’t offer advice. What I can do is to reflect yourself back toward you – as if I were a mirror – where you can look for yourself if you like what you see. I will never forget your potential, even if you do. All experiences are human experiences and need to be valued as such. I am most interested in authenticity, and helping you to discover what is true and meaningful for you.

The environment I like to create is down to-earth. My style is direct, candid, intuitive and dynamic. We can go at any pace you wish. Combining my unique education, practical wisdom and personal experience, a honed intuition, and a wide and accepting worldview, it is my hope to be able to guide you from here to there.