The most common experience shared by many of the people I meet is one of feeling disconnected. On a personal level, they’re not able to connect to what’s important to them; they might feel indecisive, or not even sure about what they feel or know to be true. Often, there is a painful schism between the internal experience of themselves and what they show to the world. On a relational level, they can feel lonely and separate, or they’re fighting or feeling estranged from someone they love. On a spiritual level, they lack purpose, or meaning. Many might already have the insight as to the “why” that ails them, yet they feel chronically anxious or stuck in repetitive ways of thinking or behaving.

Therapy isn’t about changing who you are at your core, making you dredge up your past yet again, or finding problems where none exist. Our ability to navigate life is largely based on our ability to work with ourselves, and our interaction with others. The fun part of therapy is discovering our authentic self, especially for people who are so buried under belief systems, old stories, and ways of being in the world that might have worked once but no longer do. Therapy is about helping you to become more self-aware and curious about your inner world. It’s about owning the patterns in your life and taking responsibility for who you are, and how you behave in your relationships. It’s also about learning how to separate fact from fiction, and ultimately developing a new life narrative for oneself. From this place, you can start to make thoughtful and intentional decisions about how you want to live your life. It is my experience that once people commit to counseling they begin to feel more gratitude, more compassion, and more love in their lives. They are able to connect to themselves and others in a way that makes them more content.

Through the process of therapy you can:

  • Change habitual or harmful patterns that are holding you back
  • Understand the differences between what you can and cannot change
  • Learn to be the strongest voice in your life
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Distinguish between what’s true and meaningful for you, and what may just be a story you’ve created and are inadvertently perpetuating
  • Understand how you may be contributing to the conflict and drama in your life
  • Discover how to connect in meaningful ways
  • Weather the normal, often painful transitions of life
  • Gracefully incorporate and learn from loss